Some Nice Youtubes

I like youtube, it’s pretty good, it’s sort of like TV, only the programs are shorter and they usually ask you to support them via Patreon and/or like and subscribe to their channel. Mostly this is a waste of time as usually they are impossibly young, impossibly high energy good looking young people who are probably already millionaires, so fuck them right?

Right, I’m about to save you a bunch of effort by recommending some excellent youtube channels that are none of these things, but still really really great!

Binging with Babish

This is what I’m guessing is a chef guy, he likes to make meals as described in films and TV shows, he’s clearly pretty great at it, also each episode has the same, rad background music. Here’s one where he makes a bunch of meals from the sitcom ‘It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia’, even when they’re clearly revolting and/or impossible, and then makes an attempt at his own more palatable verson.

His 30 Rock episode where he makes his own ice cream from scratch for the ‘Lovers Delight’ is also excellent, the only thing missing is that he does not make an attempt at Cooter Burgers favourite drink The Old Spanish

Steve1989 MREinfo

I guess this is a guy called Steve, he reviews MRE’s, that’s ‘Meals, Ready to Eat’ for you unhip normals out there. MRE’s are pre-packaged, ready to eat meals that are given out to military members and other unfortunate souls who may not have access to a kitchen or a 24 hour spar or any food. These are basically unboxing videos, only the guy is eating stuff out of gross 40 year old tins meant for soldiers in the Vietnam war. Here’s one where he gets deleriously happy eating gross looking tinned meat from a 2015 Czech MRE, it’s wonderful.


Forgotten Weapons

Guns are cool, everybody knows that right? Well, I mean they’re cool if you don’t have to deal with people shooting you all the flipping time, and that the police here don’t have to worry that you might be armed and so end up shooting you 17 times in the brain while you’re trying to catch the tube, that’s why it’s good that guns are all in America. However guns can also be interesting artefacts of engineering, history and material science, as demonstrated here in a video about how the WW2 German Sturmgewehr rifle influenced the development/doctrine of the AK-47 and M16 assault rifles years later.

Most YouTube gun channels are usually either boring shooting videos where someone shoots a bunch of targets, or extravagent demonstrations of largesse where a guy shouts a whole bunch and then shoots a million rounds of custom reloaded titanium bullets into a jeep or something. Forgotten Weapons is none of that, it’s a guy called Ian who’s done some research and found the opportunity to check out a bunch of rare and/or interesting seldom known firearms.