Hello and welcome to the internet!

I put my old website back up, it was better than my shitty Drupal installation which was always complaining about shit and lookin' ugly. This site still looks ugly but it's SUPPOSED TO, it is a clever sideways swipe at those fancy internet magicians who have all pictures and rounded corners and shit on their websites.

I'm sure many people reading this page are thinking 'Wait a minute, is this the internet?' well the answer to that my friend is a resounding YES! you are infact reading the internet this very second.

Whether you like it or not, it's likely that the internet is here to stay, if this is not to your liking here are some things that you can do to avoid the internet


I wrote a jQuery Plugin for adding little bits of placeholder text that sit in textboxes when they're empty! Check it out!

Follow me on twitter you effing sons of beaches

I used to have a swanky as fuck twitter widget up here, but it made my HTML stop validating which is unacceptable!

Instead, look at this adorable gif A cute cat baking!

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